(august ’16) music to make ~content~ to

I’m starting a new lil’ installment over here on A+C, where I show you my latest soundcloud playlists and talk about the music I’m really into right now.** Because honestly, why not?

Almost every month, I create a new playlist with about 25-30 songs, which is what I always listen to while ~creating content~, or in layman’s terms, blogging, writing, running social media accounts and attempting to be funny and #relatable.

My favorite songs on this playlist (at the moment), are Youth, Do You Love Me?, and Class Clown. I would suggest listening to them ASAP.

**Full disclosure: My music tastes mostly consist of bad rap and moody semi-pop music so if that’s not your jam this playlist is probably not a thing I would suggest but you never know, you could love it. ALSO there are some explicit songs on here so if you’re not allowed to listen to explicit music or it makes you uncomfy in any way, please avoid this.

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