I guess you could say I love Instagram Stories. Actually, you can definitely say that.
I’m highkey obsessed — between the formatting, the ability to upload, the type font and the different kinds of markets, you couldn’t get me off of it if you tried. As I have multiple Instagram accounts, I’ve been able to use my new stories for different purposes.

My personal account (@emmahavi) is being used a lot like I would use my snapchat story back in the day. I post about my feelings and friends and things I’m doing that probably aren’t of interest to people besides my friends, but they’re all there already so why wouldn’t I use it?

IMG_7602.PNG IMG_7601.PNG

On the other hand, I’ve been able to utilize Instagram Stories for my A+C account (@alkalineandchrome) to promote posts and show the behind the scenes aspects of blogging and writing. After all, a lot goes into each of these posts and I think it’s time that people see that.

IMG_7603.PNG IMG_7604

Besides how I’m using Stories, I have seen brands and bloggers pick it up really quick and jump on this opportunity to connect with fans in an easier and more convenient way. I’ve seen people start to use Instagram DMs more often (I had rarely used them before yesterday) in order to respond to other people’s stories and have conversations.

I see where people have a problem with the idea that Instagram may have copied Snapchat, and I get that it’s problematic in some ways, but the fact of the matter is that Instagram’s format and options are easier and broader than Snapchat’s and its significantly more convenient to have posts and stories in the same place rather than switching between two apps. I can see why people may hold out and stay on Snapchat, I really do. But I also really think that everyone is going to end up switching over to Instagram stories.

We’ll see how it all pans out, I guess. I’ve always been so loyal to Instagram, and I’m the biggest fangirl of all the wonderful work they do over there and I know the team has worked so hard to launch this product and develop it, so I really hope you guys consider giving it another chance. If anything, go on and follow me for some darn good stories.

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