Daily Babble: Kanye x Balmain is a Dream Come True

That’s right, Kanye and Balmain worked together to produce an ad campaign video that is out of this world incredible. If you follow my twitter (@emmahavi, #shamlessselfpromo) you would know that Yeezus is my ultimate, albeit problematic, fave of all time ever. I am the biggest Yeezy fan, so when I saw that this video, which serves as an ad campagin for Balmain and the music video for Kanye’s song Wolves, I screamed. Out loud.

Fangirling aside, this is a beautifull/y produced and planned video. The spot lighting with the general darkness of the room the video filmed in allowed the clothing and the models to shine (literally and figuratively). Between the auditory strength of the lyrics and the visuals of the various supermodels and celebrities with tears rolling down their cheeks, it’s practically impossible to look away. The seven minute visual experience ends – in true KimYe fashion – with a shot of all the paparazzi trying to get shots of KimYe as they walk into the Met Ball this past spring, and then a close up on Kim’s famous booty. Because honestly, they can and why wouldn’t they?

Do you think this is just a well-done celebrity press stunt, or do you think it’s a result of genuis cinematography, lyricism and design? Let me know in the comments.


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