Writing and Life and Other General Thoughts and Feelings

Hello there —

If you don’t really care about my personal life, don’t bother reading this. All you need to know is that I’ll be back in the near future with more and better fashion industry and style posts than ever before.

If you do sorta care about my life, continue on. You’re in for some good life updates.

Since we last talked, I have decided to spend the next four years of my life at Fordham University (GO RAMS!) at the Gabelli School of Business. I’ll be a marketing major and *fingers crossed* a fashion studies minor. Basically, I am doing everything that I’ve always wanted to and that is an amazing feeling.

I’ve also been branching out and learning more and doing more — or so I’d like to think. Here are some things I’ve done in case you don’t believe me.

  1. I wrote an article about ~teens~ and social media for MTV Founders, which I’d like to think went mini-viral. (I WAS ON THE MTV DISCOVER SNAPCHAT OK??! It’s exciting please let me enjoy this.)
  2. More recently, I joined the editorial board of the fbomb, an awesome feminist website, and published my first article for them. It was about Kim Kardashian because she’s a god and also why not?
  3. I’m also trying to start up a tumblr for the fbomb, so please go follow it I swear it’s good!!
  4. I’ve been internet-ing a lot, for many reasons, but I’m trying to learn more about intersectional feminism and activism in order to be the best, most woke human I can be to help everyone I possibly can in any way I possibly can.
  5. I also wrote some more stuff for my school newspaper (Ridge Devil’s Advocate) and was the entertainment editor over there.

That being said, I am not as busy as I used to be, and am going to actively try to be on here more often. However, it’s not just going to be fashion industry articles anymore. Here’s why: I’m growing up.

Despite my complete resistance to that fact, I am growing up, and as I grow up I find that my interests are broadening. I want to have a space of my own (see: here) to discuss any topic that I find worthy of my time and energy, and the idea of posting solely fashion articles has kept me from doing that thus far.

So, I guess welcome to the new Alkaline + Chrome? I’m glad you’re here, and hopefully I’ll see you again soon.


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