Reem Acra is a Shiny Wonderland

If the Reem Acra show was a wonderland, I want to live there forever and ever.

The show’s fifteen minute time frame felt like a floating eternity, in the best way possible. I never wanted the beautiful gowns to leave my eyesight, and when the last model disappeared from the finale, I wanted to follow her [and steal what she was wearing, but I refrained from doing that].

The collection displayed these geometric, gladiator type sandals that are basically indescribable besides saying that they’re every classy festival-goer’s dream shoe.

Reem Acra’s femme fatale-inspired gowns showed¬†the audience a drastic amount of skin, but somehow kept a sense of class and mystery throughout the over-exposure. Basically, #promgoals? Just kidding, I’d get kicked out of prom before I even walked into the building.

The lace and fringing throughout gave the collection a sense of 1920’s promiscuity, from the time of prohibition and Gatsby, where everything was new and exciting and all felt good in the world.

Overall, Reem Acra [f/w 16] left me with a happy little feeling in my heart, and a nostalgia for the runway show that has yet to go away after almost a month. I have a feeling it won’t go away for a long time, or at least until I figure out how to get my hands on those shoes.


Photos below by the wonderfully talented Alexandra Kyros, follow her on Insta @kyrostagram.


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