Lovely, Lovely Leanne Marshall

As soon as the models started walking out onto the runway at the Leanne Marshall show, I thought, “In a few years, everyone is going to be begging for a custom Leanne Marshall wedding dress.”

More and more of the gowns came out, each more elaborate and beautiful than the one before it, and I became increasingly more secure in my prediction.

Unfortunately, lady with a fluffy hat sat right in front of me, so my pictures are mediocre at best. Apologies for that, but blame fluffy hat lady. There should be a law against wearing those things in shows unless you’re in the last row.

But I digress. The dresses and gowns were etherial. The walking pattern was complex, and that’s an understatement, so kudos to all the models who walked the show. The hair, a low, knotted ponytail, was absolutely stunning in the way that all elegant, simple things are.

Many of the dresses had interesting structural elements to them, like tulle and ruffles and floral pieces and embellishments [ all of which you can see below]. While each dress had it’s own distinct personality and intent, they all formed a very cohesive collection of gowns that any girl would be lucky to have in her closet.

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