Michelle Helene is Goals, And Here’s Why

Inside the Michelle Helene presentation, I situated myself at the very front of the throngs of photographers trying to get the best shots. I squatted in my skinny jeans, very aware that if I stayed there for too long I could die [remember all those reports a few months back on how you’d die if you squatted in skinny jeans for more than 45 minutes?].

Getting there early and racing to the front proved to be the best decision possible, given that the models and the set and, of course, the pieces of clothing, were incredible.

There was true continuity between the stark black and white balance of the set and the black, white, and red theme of the collection. The metallic and curved aspects of the set props gave more life – and incredible framing – to the models and their positioning.

The collection had a very 90’s grunge and otherwise retro feel, which doesn’t seem to make sense in words, but does apply perfectly in reference to the collection. [See the pictures below if you don’t get it, and I promise that you will.]

Honestly, the Michelle Helene girl of this collection is the urban girl I aspire to be – badass, confident, bold and strong. Everything, from the chains and the buttons to the earrings and eye makeup, was planned out to a T; the collection was flawlessly cohesive.


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