Daily Babble | New York Fashion Week @ Skylight

As someone who has only ever attended New York Fashion Week at the Lincoln Center, the move away from that campus is slightly upsetting (in a nostalgic way). Don’t get me wrong, it’s also very exciting.

The Lincoln Center location was organized at best, and crowded and chaotic at worst. Bloggers and writers would gather in the Starbucks across the street to use outlets and get work done because Lincoln Center had no outlets to be found and a very small writer’s space that was always taken up in the wee hours of the morning. Yes, the inside was pretty, and yes, it served its purpose, but the environment was never conducive to getting the best work and information about the collections out as soon as physically possible.

On top of that, there was the huge problem of it not being close to other show locations. Getting from Lincoln Center to Soho, or SouthStreet, or Chelsea was impossible in the crazy traffic of New York Fashion Week. The inconvenient location made people choose certain shows over others, and even unintentionally miss some.

The new locations for NYFW, Skylight at Moynihan Square and Skylight Clarkson Square are in Chelsea and Soho, respectively. The dual location model gives designers more choices in terms of exhibit space, with options from 1000 people to 100 and different show/presentation setups available. In addition, it gives press more freedom and ability to move between shows in the Skylight locations to other shows.

While I will miss Lincoln Center, I know that the move is for the best, and I have only the best wishes for the new locations. I hope I’ll be able to attend shows this year as I have in the past, and I’ll give you all the run-down of the new spaces.

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