Bloggers Helping Bloggers

Hey everyone! There’s a wonderful linkup that’s happening right now, called (#)Bloggers Helping Bloggers, which was created by Meg of The Audacious Queen to share positive thoughts and comments within the blogging community.

I can’t wait to share my opinions about these fantastic blogs working on this linkup with me, and you should absolutely check them all out when you get a chance!

The Audacious Queen: The first thing you notice when you enter the blog is the clean design. I know it sounds like a miniscule part of the entire blogging experience, but the appearance really moves to emphasize her cute, preppy, fun style, and brings the focus to her posts and photos. In terms of posts, Meg has such good style! Looking at her style photos gives me outfit inspiration on the daily, and the (similar here…) links help me find new items to buy!

Beautiful Little Fools: The most important thing to realize about Beautiful Little Fools is that it’s SO HELPFUL! Just about everything you’ve had questions about, from earrings in style, to college necessities, to travel are answered in Jenni’s cute and energetic posts. Her tone of writing always leaves you wanting to learn more and buy more and see more, and honestly, that’s what every blogger aspires to do.

The Fashion Newcomer: First, let me just say that Jamie has to be one of the sweetest bloggers I know, even though I don’t know her IRL.  Anyway, The Fashion Newcomer is such an incredible blog. It’s organized exquisitely, in a way that makes each post look and sound so professional. Jamie is a phenomenal writer, and that comes through and pulls the reader in until you realize you’ve spent an hour scrolling through her blog (which is what I did while writing this post).

Classy Cathleen: There is nothing I love more on Fridays than sitting down and reading Cathleen’s Fri-YAY posts. They are fun, spirited and energetic, as are Cathleen and the rest of her blog. She writes about everything from cooking to style, and approaches her readers in a friendly, honest way. Her open voice and ability to chat with her readers about anything is so inspiring, and I love to read Classy Cathleen because of that.

Angelica Prendez: Angelica’s blog covers style, travel, and dance, which usually aren’t topics that go together, but Angelica does it flawlessly. I love her posts about events, specifically the one about the Elie Tahari x Vespa Brooklyn. She has me so tempted to buy a Vespa now, but I must resist…

Empire Styles: Nicole is genuinely one of my favorite bloggers, because I love the ability she has to interact with her readers. She has so many comments on her posts, and she responds to each of them so graciously and kindly, which you would be hard-pressed to find in many other bloggers nowadays. Her content is always on point, even though she just recently relaunched her blog. I was so lucky to be a part of that wonderful relaunch, and I look forward to even more photodiaries and travel stories and lifestyle and fashion posts.

Thank you to Meg for inviting me to do this linkup with you, and a big shoutout to all the other bloggers involved – You’re all AMAZING!!

xx Emma

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