Summer Blog Goals 

As a part of a link-up, I came up with some goals for my blog this summer. Hopefully I’ll achieve them, and if I keep myself on track, I may just have a nice little surprise in store for you all as well.

So tell me – what are your goals for the summer? Here are mine:

  1. Implement new social media and marketing strategies to increase viewership and interaction.Remember to actually use Instagram!!
  2. Try to maintain a (more) regular and (more) frequent posting schedule.
  3. Write to write, not to get money or fame or attention.
  4. Write about important things, things that matter. Write about things that make you jump up and down or get you riled up or make you really think about life. Write about things outside of your comfort zone.
  5. Do more photoshoots!
  6. Explore new places, take new pictures.
  7. Connect with other bloggers and professionals and work with them to get advice.
  8. Collaborate! Participate in link-ups and have conversations about the industry, and work with brands and do everything!

4 Replies to “Summer Blog Goals ”

  1. Love all of your goals!! I am so glad I discovered your blog via Jamie’s linkup 🙂 I’m hosting a linkup of my own later this month. I looked for your email on your site but can’t seem to find it anywhere. If you’re interested in learning more, email me at XO, Nicole


    1. Thanks Nicole! I hadn’t realized my contact section wasn’t viewable, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for pointing that out! I’ll send you an email about the linkup, and I appreciate you reaching out to include me! xx Emma


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