Nasty Gal Gets Nasty with Knockoffs

With the BBMAs behind us, behold the drama of the day. Nasty Gal, an online retailer, claimed Taylor Swift’s Billboard jumpsuit as their own “Frisco Inferno Jumpsuit” which had already been accused of being a copy of a Balmain jumpsuit from Spring 2015.

Nasty Gal posted an Instagram (see below) claiming that Taylor was wearing their jumpsuit. It quickly sold out, and then they proceeded to delete the offending post, after Balmain rightfully claimed the jumpsuit Taylor Swift was wearing as their own.

I’ve always been offended by those who produce knockoffs and counterfeits, but for some reasons after reading Sophia Amoruso’s book #GirlBoss, I was inclined to defend her and her company. However, this is where I personally draw the line. Whether it was a genuine mistake (which shows the negatives of selling knockoffs), an intentional media ploy (which I just can’t respect at all), or an attempt to steal the credit (which is just unintelligent) I really cannot continue to support or defend this company.

As a potential customer, they have lost all potential business from me, and all respect I had for the company. If I were any employee at Balmain, I would be fighting Nasty Gal constantly to get them to admit their wrongdoing and the blatant disregard for artistic integrity in the industry.

via Balmain Spring 2015 Ready to Wear

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