The Art Institutes Interviews: Jesus Romero

Our last, but certainly not least, of the Art Institutes interviews, was with designer Jesus Romero.

What’s your inspiration for this collection?
I was inspired by a lot of 1920’s, 1930’s kinds of movies, stuff like that, and the Art Deco movement comes through too because I used to want to be an architect . It was mainly that kind of woman. The collection was based on Marlene Dietrich, I watched a lot of films from that time period and a lot of the looks are based on that.

When did your career aspirations switch from architect to designer?
I was in the military and my contract was ending. The school I wanted to go to for architecture was Virginia Tech, and they go by semesters not quarters so I couldn’t get in right away, so I thought that I would go to an art school on the west coast since it’s closer to my home in Mexico. Then I literally googled “art school” and this Art School called me back and I moved from North Carolina to San Francisco. I just wanted to get some classes done because they have the same kind of feel and I thought I was going to be able to transfer afterwards, but I didn’t. I found out that I really like it [fashion design]. I always dressed up a little different but I really like designing clothes. I have a view of it that is more design, kind of like architecture, making things, like the construction part of it. It really switched when I entered my school’s fashion show and I won it, then I thought, well I guess I’ll stick with this for a while.

What specific awards did you win?
Best of show for my school, and I won Most Marketable. I went to this other one against animal cruelty and I won 2nd nationally, and I’ve only been in school for two years.

Do you see yourself creating your own namesake brand?
Yeah, I’m actually already starting it. Everybody who goes into fashion school wants to be a fashion designer, the next big thing, but I know that it might not happen right away but I’m working towards that. I’m starting to develop products, talking to people who might source it, manufacturing places, visiting stores, introducing myself and my name and saying “Oh I’m going to New York Fashion Week”. I have a top and a skirt I’m trying to sell to start getting my name out there and making money from the fashion thing. This show is going to be great for marketing.

Do you know if there are any buyers or specific stores coming to see the show?
I know they invited a lot of buyers but I don’t necessarily know more than that.

Are you nervous?

Yes. It’s crazy.

photo credit to Elvia Gobbo


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