On Trend? FW14

The gruesome transition from summer to fall has long passed, and yet another terrible transition is upon us. Yes, it may be in the true part of fall right now, but winter is rapidly approaching. Now is the time to take out your sweaters and parkas from the boxes they’ve been hiding in for six months and break them in. Better yet, go treat yourself to some new sweaters.

Whether you choose to break out the old sweaters or invest in some new ones, you have one question to ask yourself: Is this on trend?

Breakdown of the FW14 Trends
Textile Mixing and Matching
Mixing textiles works whether it’s within one garment or within an outfit. Leather and other materials are the most common combinations within one garment that can be found in stores. Leather strips and sections decorate jackets, sweaters, pants and dresses of all sorts, adding a minimalist yet still out-there adornment to your outfit. 

Colors: Forest Green, Burgundy, Maroon, Black, Gray and White
What I call the forest colors, greens and dark reds, are huge this season. Burgundy, maroon, and forest green clothing can be spotted in just about every store. They are fantastic fall and winter colors, that seem appropriate for the season without being too dull. 
One can’t forget about the basics: the whites, the blacks and the grays. While they are around every season, and in every store, this season they are more acceptable to wear in monotone outfits. There are more and more outfit pairings being seen with just colors in the white-black range and it’s a simple, understated pairing that always looks great. Don’t ever underestimate the basics. 

Boxy Silhouettes
Boxy silhouettes make me think of the word “androgynous”. The loose, yet still slightly structured shapes of these silhouettes allow for comfort and effortless style.  

Booties are not only practical for the colder months, but they are also quite comfortable and stylish too. The options in stores today vary from Timberland type constructions boots, to heeled booties, to combat boots to flat leather ankle boots. Boots are fantastic, if only for the reason that they allow you to conceal fluffy socks and still look cute while feeling like you’re walking on a cloud. 

Pro Tips:
If you’re wearing an oversize or chunky sweater, pair it with slimmer cut pants rather than jeans that scrunch at the bottom.
Save the jeans for the casual, simple shirts and thinner sweaters.

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