About Me

I am a writer with plans to work in digital marketing and social media in the fashion industry post-graduation. Currently, I attend Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business as a Marketing major.

At the moment, most of my work shows up at other places on the internet, which I have linked below for your perusal.


Talk To Me:

For business – emma.havighorst@gmail.com

Instagram – @emmahavi | Twitter – @emmahavi | LinkedIn



MTV Founders

I Still Feel Unsafe Every Day

My First Cuffing Season

Join the Internet Book Club

In Defense of Social Media-Obsessed Teenagers Like Me

Halcyon Mag

Interview with Chase Guttman

Ridge Devil’s Advocate (School Newspaper)

The Shallows: A Review of a Typical Summer Reading Book

Instagram: Fostering Talent or Fostering Self-Obsession?

The Basking Ridge Bubble

The Value of Self-Reflection: A Modern Day Twist on an Age-Old Concept

The College Process: It Doesn’t Have to be that Bad


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