I am a writer, public speaker, social media manager, and Gen Z consultant with plans to work post-graduation on marketing/advertising, specifically as it relates to digital media, technology, and branding.

At the moment, I am in my junior year at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Business with a major in Marketing, a minor in Digital Technologies and Emerging Media, and a concentration in Strategic Branding.

Recently, I’ve spoken at numerous events, including a panel on Youth and Social Media at Facebook NY as a part of their Back-to-School Press Day. I regularly consult for Gen Z and young Millennial entrepreneurs and creatives, advising them on social media choices, writing, editing, and development of personal and professional projects.

Hire Me

I have experience in writing, social media management, teen community outreach/research, fashion, and public relations.

If you have a job, opportunity or internship you believe I’d be a good fit for, please reach out to me at emma.havighorst@gmail.com. Feel free to reach out if you want to connect and potentially collaborate as well, I’m open to most opportunities at this point.

If you don’t know what you need, but you may want my help, here are some other things I’m good at:

  • speaking on panels
  • consulting brands on generation z marketing/outreach
  • consulting generation z creatives and entrepreneurs
  • managing social media accounts
  • developing personal brands
  • assisting (managing schedules, responding to emails, etc.)
  • writing articles, listicles and other-icles that may be needed
  • reviewing and editing college essays [almost that time of year again, @high school juniors]


Writing for No One

I have a confession: I miss writing on the internet. But also, I don’t. What I miss is writing for the internet but having absolutely no one, or practically no one, read my work. That sounds like a counterintuitive desire when so many people I know are growing their careers and writing for larger platforms …